We supply diagnostic equipment for passenger, commercial, construction, agricultural, bike and marine applications, where most of our competitors can only support a single brand or single category of vehicle.

We stock the widest product range of diagnostic tools on the continent and offer the following advantages to our customers:
- most of our tools are more affordable than the OEM alternatives
- constant R&D means that frequent software updates can keep your machine current and able to cover the latest vehicles
- as an authorized official distributors for TEXA, OTC and Autoland Scientech, we guarantee expert support and assistance for when you are in need.

ECU refurbishment and programming

We offer ECU refurbishment services using specialized equipment and expertise to either completely refurbish ECU machines or, if necessary, replace damaged control boards with a new programmed unit resulting in a ready to go unit that is resultantly much cheaper than OEM’s.

Direct Data offers:
- quick turnaround time
- a more ecologically responsible and green alternative
- state of the art programming equipment
- one of the largest selections of ECU’s, off-the-shelf and ready for programming
- engine controllers, transmission controllers, ABS pumps, remotes, instrument clusters and more.

Do you have an imported vehicle? We are able to assist where dealers often fail!

Do you need coding of control units for vehicles located in other towns and countries? We can help!

Key coding

We stock a wide range of keys for cars, bikes and commercial vehicles and we can program remotes and keys for key coding solutions for most vehicle brands on site at our JHB office.

We save customers money as many OEMs require you to also replace control units in a ‘all keys lost’ situation while we are able to assist immediately.

Unique offerings:
Key repairs - should your existing key start to give you problems, we are able to rebuild your key for a fraction what it might cost to obtain a new key at a dealership. Key problems we can solve include intermittent starting, broken buttons, loss of remote functionality or complete failure.

In-house Diagnostic Service

Our diagnostic test service will give you piece of mind in diagnosing and locating faults in the control units of your car. This service can be used to pin-point an intermittent electrical issue on your car as well as check the current health status of your vehicle. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic machines, you can be assured of the most accurate diagnosis which most of our competitors are not able to supply.